I use my skills as sculptor, tailor and patternmaker to create powerfully expressive characters for theatrical and decorative use.  My work has been commissioned for theatre, dance, opera, photography, therapy, political events, and interior design.

Masks are my passion because I love the magical qualities they evoke for people who come in contact with them.  I feel that theatre in general, and masks in particular, are the original virtual reality and I love to help people get back to their primal desire for altered experiences through the simple act of handling a mask.

My medium is primarily paper because it is lightweight, strong, and malleable.  I also use thermal plastics, epoxy resin, and waterproof varnishes.

I live and work near my hometown of Detroit and I also lived and worked in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  You can reach me at website@ninabarlow.com.

Here’s a pic of Holly Conroy and me winning the Michigan Wilde Award in 2012 for our 47 masks for The Tempest by Waterworks Theater Company.

Wilde Award 2012 with Holly small